Tessy Lou Williams


Tessy Lou Williams was born to sing. Her parents, Kenny and Claudia Williams started the band Montana Rose and nurtured a love of making and performing music into a family business of sorts for their three children. 


“I continue to play music because there's literally nothing else in the entire world I'd rather do,” Tessy Lou says. “It's tough, it's trying, it has its loneliness and isolation from the rest of the world, but it's also incredible. This world is the only one I know and the only way I know how to exist.”


As Tessy Lou prepares for the release of her first solo album, after a lifetime of songwriting and a decade of performing professionally, it’s important to note the journey to get here—the rural roots, the paralyzing case of stage fright she once had, the move across the country to find her own place in the world and make her own music. The heartbreak that inspired this batch of 10 songs. It all culminates in her solo debut, a self-titled effort that introduces her sound to a new group of listeners: deeply rooted in traditional influences, with her spin on western culture. These are the kind of songs you’d want to be playing on a dancehall stage when you walk in or emanating from the jukebox when the band isn’t there. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a two-step or a waltz just the same—or simply sitting back and enjoying well-crafted country music. 



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