Stephanie Lambring


Autonomy: (n) self-directing freedom and especially moral independence


To be able to make your own decisions—to truly own the course your life takes, is a freedom that can take a while to embrace. As we get older, we realize our decisions are, in fact, our own to make and no longer belong to the whim of others. In the five years since she walked away from her publishing deal, singer-songwriter Stephanie Lambring has taken a step away from music—and returned to make an album on her own terms, titled Autonomy.  


“The more spins around this earth I get, the more I realize the importance of being seen and heard,” Stephanie says. “When I walked away from my publishing deal, I asked a lot of questions. In the time since, I’ve learned about persevering through the doubt. About thinking for myself. Trusting myself. This album is about coming back to music in an authentic way—and writing a whole damn record by myself.”



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