I love telling the world about projects that have the potential to change the way a person sees something — whether it’s a lyric that alters how a listener views the world or a piece of prose that changes how the reader sees themselves. I still very much believe the best kind of art buries itself in your head and heart, and stays there for you to ruminate on for awhile. 


As a publicist, I want to tell the stories behind the songs, behind the pages, and behind their creator, building a well-rounded portrait of an artist and a project. To do this effectively, I create strategic PR campaigns that target mixed media platforms — tailored specifically for each client and their goals.


Throughout campaigns, I work with artists and their teams closely to generate the right kind of press -- the kind that truly tells the whole story.

Current and past clients include Jamie Lin Wilson, Abigail Dowd, Taylor Alexander, Cricket Blue, Driftwood, Hayley Sabella, Heather Styka, Drew Kennedy and more, with a range of genres including folk, Americana, country and singer-songwriters.