Lindsay Ellyn


“When we get on down to the heart of it, we’re full of good intentions and full of shit,” Lindsay Ellyn sings on the chorus of “Dirty Fingers,” the opening track from her forthcoming self-penned debut album, Queen of Nothing.


It’s a strong statement to start out a debut album, but one that leads listeners to admit their humanity, as well as everyone else’s — no one’s perfect, and we’re all trying to make the best of it. That theme runs through much of the album’s 10 tracks as Lindsay works through deep regrets and missed opportunities, her relationships with herself and those around her, and life’s inevitable heartbreaks. 


“They say Nashville is a five-year town,” she says. “It took me five years to try lots of different things and then come back to my voice and my thing. I spent so many years stressing about what I ‘should’ be doing and how my songs ‘should’ be coming together. I finally decided I’m just going to do what I want to do and make the album I want to make.” 

The aforementioned “Dirty Fingers” is partly autobiographical, as are several of the other tracks on Queen of Nothing, extolling the complex pieces of life and, in a way, reclaiming how messy it can be. It’s okay if the story of a life isn’t always pretty — in fact, maybe it’s a little more interesting if that’s the case.



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