Josh Kelley



“In a doorframe of this lived-in home there is a pen hanging from a string, there lies the tale of a husband and a wife steady growing up their family,” singer-songwriter Josh Kelley sings on “Busy Making Memories,” a deeply personal excerpt from his forthcoming album. It’s no secret -- and, in fact, quite apparent -- that he’s a family man through and through. 


“I wrote ‘Busy Making Memories’ on January 1, sitting in my morning coffee chair watching my kids bounce, spin and play around me, and the music just happened. It was as if someone else was writing it through me,” he says. “I have voice notes on my phone as proof of the creative process, but still it felt like I wasnʼt in control. It was truly a wild experience that, to this day, I have a hard time wrapping my head around. I went to the studio and started producing, and it was an effortless process. I wish all of them could be that way.”


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