James Steinle



“This record is all about self-analysis and really thinking hard about how someone ends up where they end up. The past, present, and future,” James Steinle says of What I Came Here For. “It frustrates me that everyone, including myself, who participates in the modern world is losing grip with reality. Especially the lost art of listening.”


Thanks to a chance encounter with legendary Texas songwriter and producer Bruce Robison, the two created James’ sophomore full-length album at Robison’s The Bunker studio on the outskirts of Austin. The entire album was recorded live-to-tape in one room. 

“I knew I’d be foolish to not pursue this opportunity to work with a fellow South Texan who I grew up admiring for the songs he had penned,” James says. “ There is an adrenaline rush in knowing I can’t lean on lots of effects or overdubs, that it’s just pure performance. I’m grateful Bruce let me cut these songs out there. Because I felt that’s how songs that aim to challenge modern life and its pitfalls need to be recorded. This was probably the most human process I will ever have recording music.”


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