Hayley Sabella


“Nothing’s wrong, I just feel the whole wide world,” award-winning songwriter Hayley Sabella sings on Sorrow:Joy, a track from her forthcoming album Flew The Nest. Hayley has become known for this kind of simplicity in truth-telling, combining poetic lyrics with gripping melodies that are “sometimes cold and deadly, other times refreshing and full of life.” (Rolling Stone Country) New album Flew The Nest amps up the indie sound and production of Hayley’s work, and pairs it with her signature lyrical dexterity. Working with Daniel Radin of “bummer-pop” band Future Teens, Hayley has created sonic landscapes for these songs that mirror their content. Close-miked vocals and spacious, full arrangements create an album as intimate and confessional as it is melodic and pop-driven, a true step forward for one of New England’s best songwriters and winner of the 2019 New England Songwriting Competition.

Flew the Nest, as a collection of songs, is one that thematically explores transformation and the self - the ways in which I have become my own,” Hayley says of the new songs. “We all recognize the coming of age stories of teenage years, but I’ve been in the midst of another change, marked not only by leaving home as the title ‘Flew the Nest’ suggests, but also by starting to more fully define myself as an adult, one both shaped by and standing in contrast to the ways I was raised.”



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