Caitlin Cannon


“My grandmother got me a guitar when I was 13. Before that I had thought it was just a boy’s sport.”

Even in her earliest years, Caitlin Cannon knew she could do just as well as the boys. By now, she’s learned she can do better. “You will never call my bluff cause you don’t think I’m smart enough / Til’ I show the hand I got and I take the whole damn pot,” she sings on “Dumb Blonde (Playing Dumb’s the Smartest Thing a Blonde Can Do)”. Complete with Django Reinhardt-like guitars, the song is an ode to women like Cannon’s idols Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn, who might sometimes have played dumb but who, in fact, were anything but.

And then there’s “Toolbag.” It’s an anthemic assurance that she -- and women just like her -- are better than any man’s games. It can be inferred, perhaps, by the title, that it’s told with her trademark deadpan humor.


Gender inequality is just one of the themes running through Caitlin’s new music, a collection titled The TrashCannon Album, which finds clever wordplay tackling what Caitlin calls the “inner garbage” we all have, but tend to hide away.



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