I spent several years in college working retail and if you had told me then that I would purposefully greet anyone with the word y'all, I simply would not have believed you. But here we are. I have grown to love y'all as a symbol of where I'm from, and also a really easy way to address a lot of people. It's a great word.


 I grew up in Texas. I like it there a lot, but I live in Brooklyn now.

New York is made of magic. Occasionally the kind that makes life difficult, but magic nonetheless. 

I spend a lot of time listening to, talking about, and seeing music. It's always been that way. 

I spent half a month's rent seeing Springsteen on Broadway and I cried for two hours.

I really like when I can be a big nerd about things I love.

That's often language, both the one I speak, ones I wish I spoke, and the forgotten ones.

I will show you multiple pictures of my dog, named after Dolly Parton.

I enjoy talking about her and her namesake at length.


My favorite class I took in college was on the history of country music.

My second favorite class I took in college was on diagramming sentences. 

I bake with most of my free time, and do yoga to make my brain feel balanced. 

I really love telling a great story.